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Sell To Us

What to Sell?

If you have some extra game currencies to sell, Raiditem could help you.

We mainly purchase currencies for popular games, such as WOW Gold, WOW Classic Gold, RS 2007&RS3 Gold, POE currency.

How to Sell?

Contact img_right Compelete img_right Minutes

1. Please contact our Live Chat, tell us your game and server,the number of coins, and your contact information, we will give you a reasonable offer.

2. Two Delivery Methods:

Trade face to face in the designated place to our designated characters in the game, and then send us the screenshot.

Trade through Auction House, purchase the items of our designated roles, and then send us the screenshots of the in-game mail after purchase.

If you are interested, but no game currencies in stock for now, you could leave us your contact information, the game name and server, and we will contact you later.

How to Get Payment?

Provide us with a correct PayPal account and we will send you payment within 10 minutes after the transaction is completed.


When making a transaction, please make sure to take a screenshot, and save the relevant screenshots, because this is the most important evidence to receive your money.

If you think we are doing well, please recommend your friends to buy or sell items here, and if the transaction is successful, you will get a sweet gift.


Kindly Reminder:Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.