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10 Diablo Immortal Leveling Tips

  • 2022-06-08 10:15:09
  • Diablo Immortal Level 1-60 Powerleveling

10 Diablo Immortal Leveling Tips
With the release of Diablo Immortal, Blizzard's newest addition to its ARPG franchise, players are finally able to return to Sanctuary to do what everybody loves doing the most - slayin' some demons. We have prepared a few tips and tricks to improve your demon-slaying experience while leveling your brand-new Diablo character!
Diablo Immortal has an auto-loot function! You can enable three different options for normal, magic, and rare items in the "General" tab of your Options menu.
Targeted abilities can auto-target monsters, so if you're having trouble targeting abilities, you can just smash the button and the game will place it near enemies around you.
Pay attention to your in-game notifications! The game will notify you if you have unclaimed achievements or rewards in your Codex or your Battle Pass - so pick those up if you want to progress faster!

Watch your Health Potion charges! Your Health Potion has three charges and is your main source of self-healing. Just like the Resurrection Stone, you can recharge your Health Potion in a nearby town.
Use Auto-Navigation in completed zones! Diablo Immortal is not an auto-battler, but Auto-Navigation is incredibly useful when doing Bounties or other daily activities. You can also use your movement skills while auto-navigating!
Don't avoid the Store! You will be able to claim your daily free login reward there without the need to buy anything else from it.
The Resurrection Stone is a rechargeable item in Diablo Immortal that allows you to resurrect at your corpse - it has two charges. You can refill those charges by either killing monsters or by visiting a nearby safe place like a town with a waypoint.

Upgrade your items! Item upgrades will boost your character's power like nothing else, and since item ranks can be transferred to new items, you will be able to steadily upgrade your gear while hunting for better items at the same time.
Pick up everything and salvage everything! Don't be greedy with your time and return to a blacksmith instead. Crafting materials are incredibly important in Diablo Immortal, and you don't want to waste any of them.
Do your Bounties before Monday! Monday is Bounties reset, so your Bounties will not roll over to the next day if you won't complete them.

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