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Level 413 Survival Hunter BOE Package

Level 413 Survival Hunter BOE Package

The itemlevel for the BOE package means the average ilvl from all pieces of gears in this package, which does not include the Azerite Gears , Clock and Necklace.

1. You will get 10 pieces of BOE gears.
2. We will complete the delivery by meeting you in the game or send by in-game mail.
3. ETA: 2-36 Hrs.

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You will get 10 gears:

Slots Item Name ItemLevel
Wrist Abyssal Bubbler's Bracers 445
Hands Deepcrawler's Handguards 445
Waist Belt of Concealed Intent 460
Legs Uncanny Combatant's Mail Leggings 400
Feets Uncanny Combatant's Mail Treads 400
Ring1 Aguas' Band of Augury 360
Ring2 Lurking Schemer's Band 460
Trinket1 Highborne Compendium of Sundering 400
Trinket2 Landoi's Scrutiny 365
Weapon 1 Uncanny Combatant's Polearm 400

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