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Past World of Warcraft Expansions are Free for Subscribers


Now you can play World of Warcraft expansions for free (except for the upcoming one, Battle for Azeroth), which means that you do not need to play upfront fees for the game or for any of its expansion packs. Keep close on Raiditem.com and get more detailed news on Battle for Azeroth.

BfA Pre-Expansion Comes, With War Mode, PvP Talent System and More


Battle for Azeroth is almost coming out and before its launch, Blizzard rolled out a big pre-patch expansion this week to bring the upcoming update and new features to long-running MMO. As we mentioned, the pre-patch will is scheduled to go live on July 17 and the new War Mode and system allows players to opt-in or out of PvP encounters. For more details, please read on!

Confirmed: BfA Pre-Patch Goes Live on July 17


According the official announcement, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth pre-patch will go live on July 17, next week. The expansion will launch on August 14, and pre-patch will come ahead a weak. As always, it's not just tweaks and changes: there's actual gameplay stuff added as well.

BfA Pre-Patch: Character Customization Updates Coming


As we mentioned before, there will be some character customization for Orcs and Blood Elves. According to usual schedule (though there is no confirmed info), the pre-patch of Battle for Azeroth will go live on July 14. You can find some things you should do before 8.0 at raiditem to to prepare for the upcoming expansion, Battle for Azeroth.

New WoW Events for This Week of July 10


In this week of July 10, some new WoW legion events before Battle for Azeroth will become available, including the Mists of Pandaria Timewalking Event, new Mythic Keystone Affixes, Weekly Quests, and new World Bosses. So far there is no confirmed info revealed, but some dataminers predicted that BfA 8.0 pre-patch will go live on July 17. Mage Tower is permanently up until then.

How to Get More WoW Gold in World of Warcraft Classic


WoW gold plays a key part in World of Warcraft game. With an abundance of WoW gold, you will have a better journey and a better player experience. Many players have their secrets to acquire WoW gold for WoW mounts or something. WoW classic is expected to go live soon, and keep on making as much as WoW gold to enjoy the game.

War Thorns Event Preview from Horde Perspective


Battle for Azeroth Pre-patch event War of Thorns culminates in the Horde burning down Teldrassil. According to prediction, the War Thorns events should be available on live realms the week of July 17th. Here, we will give you a preview of the event from PTR from the Horde perspective. Keep on raiditem to get the latest news on the upcoming expansion.

PvP Season 7 Will End Soon and Post-Season Detail Revealed


July has come and Battle for Azeroth is not far away. The final season of Legion PvP is ending soon and post-season will come out between the end of Legion and start of BfA PvP, allowing players to get catch-up gear from strongboxes but won’t have any rewards.

WoW: Argus the Unmaker Killed By 3-Man Solo


Battle for Azeroth is on the way, Argus the Unmaker has been defeated by a team of 3 intrepid-Durendil, Rextroy, and Yenko. It completes the projects to clear all Antorus bosses with 3 players, save for Varimathras. Buy WoW gold and WoW items from raiditem.com to enjoy a big discount!

Battle for Azeroth Beta Test Launches This Week


In this week, Battle for Azeroth will launch test on Beta, including both scenarios and the actual BfA launch. There will be a brand-new realm with character copy waiting for players who are lucky enough to have the beta. Besides, you can also get an instant level 120 character in the Gladiator's Sanctum server where you can try out the new PvP features.

Battle for Azeroth: Arathi Highlands Updates - Raiditem


Battle for Azeroth will bring some changes to PvP, War mode, and Bounty system as we mentioned in the previous post. The new expansion will go live on August 14, and it will bring so many exciting changes. What do you expect the most? Today, we would like to talk about Arathi Highlands update.

Get a Look at War Mode, Bounty Hunter System & PvP Talents


According to World of Warcraft community site, there is a variety of features will be updated in Battle for Azeroth expansion. In this post, you will have a look at War Mode, the Bounty Hunter system and the revamped PvP Talent System. More than that, we have confirmed that some of achievements and features are no longer available in the upcoming expansion.

Some World of Warcraft Content Become Unachievable in BfA


As each World of Warcraft expansion, some content and features of previous expansions will become unavailable or get removed. The transition from Legion to Battle for Azeroth is not an exception. According to the Blizzard’s official post, some content will go away once the Pre-patch for Battle for Azeroth hits sometime.

Artifact Retirement Quests Available - Max Your Artifact Level


After a maintenance, the Artifact Retirement quest is now available on US servers. Completing the quest in Silithus will get a buff to maximizes your Artifact power and leave your Artifact at level 126 (for those who are under artifact level 126) or stay at current level if it is higher.

WoW Game Director Ion Hazzikostas Q&A Highlights


The game director Ion Hazzikostas talked about Mythic+ gear swapping, Azerite armor, and Mythic cross-realm raiding in a Q&A hold by Forbes. In the upcoming interview, they will discussed about what players should or should not be grinding before BfA goes live.

Mage Tower Building is Active Again Till Tuesday Evening


The Mage Tower Building is active on NA realms again and it will stay active till Tuesday evening. We have mentioned previously that players who have 35 traits or above on Artifact can work on solo challenges for an Artifact appearance. Please keep in mind that the Artifact appearance will not be available after Legion.

Battle for Azeroth: Rating and Rank Display Update


Blizzard just released PvP changes coming in Battle for Azeroth. You rank will be displayed in real time and rated play in any bracket will count toward earning vicious mounts and more. This is really a new update that can make players know their and others’ accomplishment. Raiditem (the most reliable site selling WoW items and WoW gold) is going to update more and please keep for more.

The Upcoming Legacy Loot Makes Transmog Farm Easier in BfA


Among changes in Battle for Azeroth, which one is your favorite? The upcoming Lagacy loot mode will make it easier to transmog farm in the new expansion, Battle for Azeroth. The new system was revealed in a youtuber’s video.

What Should You Do Before Battle for Azeroth Goes Live


Before Battle for Azeroth goes live on August 14, there are a lot of things to do. The new expansion will introduce a bunch of new features, content, events, rewards and more. Of course, it will remove something, which means some are exclusive in Legion, so catch your time to complete and get the reward. Today, Raiditem reminds you that 2 of achievements will be removed once the pre-patch goes live:

Blizzard Confirmed: WoW Classic Server is Based on Patch 1.12


Since on Blizzcon 2017 Blizzard announced that they will bring back WoW Classic server to players, there has been quite for while. Now finally, WoW Classic news comes out. It is confirmed that WoW Classic server will run on Patch 1.12, known as “ Drums of War” patch.

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