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Raiditem's Christmas Promotion: Biggest Discount of the Year


Raiditem holds the Christmas promotion: Big Sale to thank all of our customers. You will find your desired WoW items now are sale at a more reasonable price. For example, Artifact Trait Total Ranks are priced with 50% & extra (code-using) discount. BOE gears and package are priced ranging from $9 to $199.

Raiditem:Method Killed World 1st Mythic Argus,XMAS Promotion Opens


At the start of second week of Mythic Antorus, Method has defeated Argus the Unmaker , and it is the first guild to clear Antorus, the Burning Throne on Mythic difficulty. Below, you are going to read some conclusion from wowhead, though the gear and specialization used might have been changed.

WoW Events Schedule for Week of Dec 12 - Raiditem


In this week of Dec 12, a brunch of WoW events will come to Azeroth. The Arena Skirmish event will run through Dec 12 to Dec 19, The Gravity Lapse PvP Brawl will be active, new Mythic+ Affixes update, Antorus mythic Race begins and new World Bosses is up. You can find the details for each event in following part.

WoW: Vicious War Fox Mount Available in Patch 7.3.5 - Raiditem News


During Patch 7.3 PTR , the Vicious War Fox was not added, but it is available on the Patch 7.3.5 PTR. So you will get this WoW mount soon. To receive a Vicious Saddle, win 100 arenas or 40 RBGs in one PvP season.

Raiditem:Overview of New Zone & Dungeons Scaling Levels in 7.3.5PTR


Good news for those who are expecting to level a new character: Patch 7.3.5PTR will bring new zones and scaling levels to old World Zones, according to Blizzard’s announcement during Blizzcon 2017.

WoW Hotfixes Update for December 6th - Raiditem


According the World of Warcraft official community website, the latest round of hotfixes for WoW is live. Compared with previous batch of hotfixes, this round is pretty smaller. It focuses on bug fixes for DH's Nemesis, set bonuses for Resto Druids and Arms Warriors, as well as Warlock PvP changes. Read the original post in the following part, and don’t forget to buy wow boe gears with lower price.

Mythic Antorus Raid Opens, Special Rewards Available - Raiditem


As we mentioned in previous post, the new raid Mythic Antorus raid opens the week of December 5th, and it will bring some class tuning changes and different rewards. In this part, we are going to taking a look at the special rewards only on Mythic difficulty, including title, mounts, and transmog.

Antorus Raid Goes live, US-based Guilds May Get Few Bosses Down


The final raid of World of Warcraft's extremely successful Legion expansion is now live, and the hardest difficulty unlocked today - tomorrow for EU. If you like read articles that raiditem.com release, you know the Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne progress race, the competition between the world's best guilds to be the first to beat each boss has begun.

Mythic Antorus Brings Class Tuning Changes implemented


From Dec 5, today, a number of class tuning changes will be added along with the Mythic Antorus with server maintenance. According to the the official World of Warcraft community forum post, the developers are planning some class changes, and you can read the original post here.

Antorus Opens Tomorrow, Upgrade Legendary Items to Level 1000


According to the official announcement, Antorus, the Burning Throne raid opens on Nov 28, and Legendary items can be upgraded to level 1000, the maximum item level in Legion. At raiditem, you can select the service of Upgrade Legendary items level to 1000,and you will get one Awoken Titan essence , infuse a legendary item with greater power and upgrade your legendary items to level 1000.

Grab Battle for Azeroth New Details & Buy WoW Cheap in Black Friday


From the latest reports from Raiditem, Blizzard Entertainment announced earlier this month at BlizzCon that its next expansion, Battle for Azeroth, is coming out in 2018. Meanwhile, 2017 Black Friday has come today and World of Warcraft fans can get cheap things in WoW this day.

Black Friday: Legion 50% Off and Other Deals in Blizzard Shop


Black Friday 2017 is arriving, and great deals for Blizzard fans have been announced. World of Warcraft is sale at $9.99, Legion is $24.99, Deluxe Digital Legion is $44.99, Overwatch is for sale at price of $19.99~$29.99, and Blizzard gear shop is also running special sales, including including 75% some plushies and apparel, daily deals, and flash sales. The promotion will run though November 27, 2017.

POE New Expansion War For The Atlas: New Content Announced


According the Path of Exile’s official website, the new expansion War For The Atlas will be released on Dec.8 for the PC with Xbox One version. It is the second for 2017 following the Fall of Oriath expansion earlier this year. The new expansion will bring some new features and changes.

Raiditem News: Latest Ion Hazzikostas Live Q&A for Battle for Azeroth


Last Thursday, the game Director Ion Hazzikostas and community manager Josh Allen take part in the latest live Q&A, which focuses on the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft, Battle for Azeroth. Ion Hazzikostas has clarified further info on the artifact appearance, Legendaries, Class raid sets, Allied Races & Standing Upright and more.

World of Warcraft Classic Servers: Original MMORPG Coming Back


Classic Server is an official World of Warcraft Vanilla server, so you no longer need to make your own. At the opening ceremony of Blizzcon 2017, Blizzard Entertainment announced that World of Warcraft will receive an official classic-style “Vanilla”server. World of Warcraft classic is Blizzard’s response to fans who have long asked for a server based on the original version of World of Warcraft.

WoW’s 13th Anniversary is Now Live (Nov 16 - Nov 30)


World of Warcraft’s 13th anniversary event is now live, and it will go through from Nov 16th to Nov 30. The Originals is a new daily quest that rewards 50 Timewarped Badges.. Blizzard brought back Azuregos, Dragon of Nightmare and Kazzak. All of bosses drop ilvl 900 loot.

Traditional Tier Sets Are Not Planned in Battle for Azeroth Currently?


According to the Gameinformer, Ion Hazzikostas mentioned at Blizzcon 2017 that Tier sets are not planned to continue into Battle for Azeroth. The devs will limit character customization by locking down their individual WoW gear slot.

WoW:Big PVP Changes Coming With This Week’s Reset


According to the official World of Warcraft community post, there are some big PvP changes coming with this week’s reset. The hotfixes will be applied to reduced the damage overall 40% in PVP solution for no tanks. Also, some specific items including trinkets and legendaries were addressed.

WoW Legion: Uldar Timewalking Will be Available in Patch 7.3.5


According to the Blizzcon 2017, Antorus, the Burning Throne raid will go live on November 28. You can check out the previous post to get the detailed schedule. Besides, Blizzard plans to introduce another Timewalking raid Uldar in Patch 7.3.5. This is confirmed by the Game Director Ion Hazzikostas. "You can even go back and push the big red button on Mimiron (Firefighter (25 player)Firefighter)."

WoW Legion: Season 6 and and the Burning Antorus Raid Schedule


We have learned about the expansion of World of Warcraft, Battle for Azeroth in the previous posts. Today we will focuses on the Legion’s new Antorus raid and Season 6. During During the BlizzCon afterparty festivities, it was revealed that Antorus opens on November 28th, but it's nice to have the full schedule and official announcement,

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