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WoW Patch 7.3.2 Background Download Available Now


Blizzcon is approaching! The final raid of Legion will also release soon, which means the new expansion will be announced soon. According Blizzard entertainments, the upcoming patch 7.3.2 background about 850MB is available to download in the Blizzard Battle.net app.

Hallow's End 2017 Runs October 19 Through November 1st


Hallow’s End 2017 runs starts today. This post will list the new Tricky Treats, spooky loot, Candy buckets, and headless Horseman in Halloween 2017. Besides, raiditem.com offers you special offers during October 14 - October 31. WoW gold with 10% off, and WoW BOE items with 50% off and extra discount are for hot sale.

This Week's WoW Event for October 27


For the week of October, a series of events will come. It is time for Burning Crusade & Black Temple Timewalking, especially Black Temple Timewalking is available for once every three month. It is worth mentioning that Raiditem.com offers discount for Halloween, and this Black Temple Timewalking is sale at only $49.99. Besides, another increase will come to artifact knowledge.

WoW Patch 7.3.2: Legendary Items in Antorus and the Burn Throne


The upcoming Raid Antorus the Burning Throne will come out in patch 7.3.2, and you have chance to upgrade your legendaries again. Although Blizzard said it will be a very minor patch, it will allow players upgrade legengaries another 30 item levels just as upgrading legendary gear in Legion expansion.

Take Code "Halloween" and Enjoy POE Currency 25% Off at Raiditem!


For all Raiditem loyal customers, we have made a very attractive promotion activity for many hot products listed at our website. Our sale promotion has begun from last week, and will end in your happy festival -Halloween!

Raiditem Halloween’s Promotions: WoW Gold Sale with 10% Give-Away


Halloween is around the corner, and raiditem.com has prepared for you with the biggest discount ever from the day of October 13th. You will enjoy 10% free with purchasing every WoW gold package. With over 10 years’ experience in WoW gaming products market, Raiditem.com has been insisting in providing gamers with WoW stuff and supreme customer service.

Mionee Solos Raid Boss Gul'dan


Mionee of soloing fame has killed the Nighthold boss Gul'dan on Normal difficulty on their Vengeance Demon Hunter. Mione is back to fully break our minds with the insane solo skill and Demon Hunterness required to take down the Nighthold's endboss.

WoW Patch 7.3:A Small Batch of Hotfixes for October 10


Blizzard entertainment has released a new round of hotfixes for patch 7.3. It includes Greater Invasion bonus rolls fixed and Mac'Aree graveyard spawn issues fixed. Please read the original post below and keep close on raiditem.com to get news of WoW game and special offers on raiditem.

WoW Events In This Week for October 10


In this week, a series of WoW events will arrive as usual. Artifact Knowledge goes up once again. This week’s pet battle Bonus event will run from October 10 to 17, along with new quests and rewards. Besides, the new Mythic+ Affixes, Greater Invasion Point World Boss, new World Bosses have been released.

Patch 7.3.2: Earn Legendary Tokens


In the latest Legion Q&A, Ion has clarified that players can get BoA and items of 1000 once they have collected every single Legendary for their class. These items appear to allow players to acquire a legendary for your class, and the tokens are Bind on Account - great for alts.

WoW News: Latest Hotfixes Focus on Lightforged Missions


The latest round of WoW hotfixes for October 4th targets Argus missions and the difficulty of certain missions has been decreased and they will offer player better rewards. "The Seat of the Triumvirate" quest is no longer required to unlock "The Ruins of Oronaar". More info about the hotfixes, read on and don’t forget to check out raiditem.com to get what you need.

World of Warcraft Pay Tribute to Game of Thrones in Its Way


So far Raiditem has talked about even everything for World of Warcraft. But all we do is based on the game itself. Think whether there is a special angle deserving our attention or not. How many colorful eggs are behind the game you know?

Weekly Battleground Bonus Event (Sep 26 - Oct 3) is Underway


This week’s Battleground Bonus event is going live from Sep26 to Oct 3. During the event, players have chance to gain Sign of Battle which will reward honor at an increased rate. Also, completing quests will reward you different greater wow items. If you are interested in the event, pick up the weekly bonus event to win the reward. To help you enjoy the best part of the world of warcraft game, raiditem.com sells the widest range of wow gaming stuff, especially WoW items and wow gold with lowest price are for hot sale.

WoW: Patch 7.3 Hotfixes Update for September 26


Blizzard has released a new round of hotfixes for patch 7.3 on September 26. As we mentioned before, PvP class tuning have been announced, which you can find details in the previous post. At the same time, Damage of the Netherlight Crucible trait Dark Sorrows has been buffed by 40%. Account-wide access to Invasion Points is granted once the "Dark Awakenings" chapter of the Argus campaign has been completed and more, and a series of bugs have been fixed.

New WoW Events in Azeroth for This Week - September 26


Another round of wow events for this week will come. A new increase gains in Artifact knowledge. The Battleground bonus event will bring you new missions and new new reward if you complete the quests. Also, new mythic Affixes and new World Bosses go live in this week. More details will be updated in the following part.

WoW News: PvP Class Tuning Arriving on September 26


According to the official announcement from Blizzard Entertainment, there will be a series of PvP class tuning changes going live with the maintenance on September 26. You can check out the following post quoted from official community site.

WoW Patch 7.3.2 Next Expansion Clues: Antorus Raid & Tier Sets


World of Warcraft Patch 7.3.2 is the third minor patch to the game's latest expansion. This patch has focused on updating a few of the backend systems in addition to making some final adjustments in preparation for the release of the Antorus, the Burning Throne raid.

Could Newly-introduced PvE Take Us Better Experiance than PvP?


World of Warcraft's competitive and casual PvP is in the doldrums right now for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the Legion stat templates. Raiditem has confirmed the shocking massage that Blizzard introduced a new angle on WoW's eSports scene with the Mythic+ Invitational, a PvE based event.

World of Warcraft Pirate Day: Enjoy Pirate Life Together!


Maybe you are not aware of one important wow event: Pirate Day. As wow fans, you shouldn't miss the interesting content of Pirate Day that comes with a series of quests in Booty Bay which can yield a brand new Jolly Roger toy if exalted with the Bloodsail Buccaneers.

Demon Hunter "Mione" Defeated More Than a Few Mythic+ Dungeons


WoW players, focus on today's news on Raiditem! Mione has done it again. Not content with soloing old content and previous tier mythic raid bosses, she has upped the ante with the challenge of current content.

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