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OSR-Firecape(50 Ranged 1 Defence 43 Praye)

  • 1. Skills: Skills: 50+ ranged, 1+ defense, 43+ prayer, 50+ HP (hit points)
  • 2. You will get OSR-Firecape(50 Ranged 1 Defence 43 Praye).
  • 3. You need to provide your account.
  • 4. ETA: 3 - 8 hrs.

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The Firecape is the most elite cape attainable in Oldschool Runescape, requiring immense skill and patience to achieve. Only the best of the best are worthy of wearing it.

Provided that you meet the minimum requirements set below and have the food, potions and items needed to complete a run of the minigame, We will complete the Fight Caves on your account and leave your Firecape in your inventory. You can then wear it with pride and enjoy the strongest combat cape in the game.

Make sure you have met minimum requirements for the service to be started.

Get items we require to complete your service.

Minimum Stats Required Items
50 Ranged
Coif or Mitre or Archers or Neit or Robin Hat
1  Defence
Blue Dhide Legs
50 HP
Blue Dhide Vambs
43 Prayer
Monk Robe    

Climbing or Leather Boots

Glory or Fury

Avasor Cloak or Obby Cape

Magic Shortbow, 4000 x Rune Arrows

16 x Super Restore (4), 4 x Range Potion (4), 7 x Saradomin Brew (4)
500 x Purple Sweets

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Kindly Reminder:Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.

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