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Raiditem’ January Promotion Opens, WoW Events for This Week

  • 2018-01-10 12:07:12
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In this week, Legion Dungeon event will be active, and you will gain the awards when defeated the final boss, Sign of the Warrior). The PvP Brawl is Shado-Pan Showdown. Some new world bosses are up and affixes are updated. Completing quests will grants you different rewards. So read the detailed info for each event in the following part at raiditem.com. Also remember to buy wow gold with 10% off!

Raiditem is offering big sales for the whole January,2018. BOE gears are priced ranging from $9 - $299. Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne All Loot for EU & US are both sold at the discount price. The promotion will run for a month, so it is great time to buy WoW gold and other items, service. 

Legion Dungeon Event (January 9 - 16)
While this event is active, the final boss of each Legion dungeon awards an extra item when defeated (Sign of the Warrior). Complete 4 dungeons on Mythic difficulty for the weekly quest (Emissary of War) to get a piece of Heroic Antorus loot from Cache of Antoran Treasures. 

During the event, you can easily knock this out as part of Karazhan attunement, which requires 4 Mythic Dungeons in Edict of the God-King and Uncovering Orders. This is also a good week to work on Improving on History; this questline will send you to every dungeon on Mythic difficulty and culminate in the Nighthold raid.

PvP Brawl - Shado-Pan Showdown  (January 9 - 16) 

The PvP Brawl in this week is Shado-Pan Showdown. The reward for winning is 300 Honor and Soldier's Esteem. Winning a brawl for  Something Different rewards a Brawler's Footlocker.

World Boss 

This week's Broken Isles World Boss is Levantus. If you're after Artifact Appearances that drop from World Bosses, remember that the Fury Warrior components and Enhancement Shaman appearance can be found from Trial of Valor bosses in a hotfix.

Mythic+ Affixes 

This week's Mythic+ Affixes are Teeming, Quaking, Fortified.

Darkmoon Faire (January 7 - 14) 

Darkmmon Faire is underway and will end on January 14. Don’t miss the quests and gain the greater rewards.


What will come in the future? 

The 3rd LFR wing has been open. In the next week, January 16, the final LFR wing unlocks. 

So what events are your favorites? Keep an eye on raiditem to get the latest info on World of Warcraft.

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