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Weekly Update - 4th of July Celebrations in Runescape

  • 2019-07-02 16:00:22
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In this week’s update of runescape: changes to Telos, and the late phase of Breaking the Storm will be released. As your best friend and the most professional seller who has over 10 years experience in selling cheap rs3 gold, is very pleased to offer you the full information.

On the 4th of July, independence day gets celebrated in America. To honour this event, we are bringing back Sam and his toy shop. You can find him from the 3rd of July till the 5th of July west of the Cooks' guild in Varrock. Whenever you need to buy rs items, is always your first choice.

Telos Practice Mode

We’ve made a couple of changes to Telos’ practice mode. Most excitingly, you can now set Telos’ enrage to a number of your choice, so if you want to repeatedly die to 4000% you can do so safely. Have fun!

In addition, the chat message which highlights the % enrage Telos will start with now appears in red, so you can more easily tell when you’ve made a terrible mistake.

Keepsakeable Items

The following items are now Keepsakeable:

Spiked Masterwork Armour

Augmented Spiked Masterwork Armour

Augmented limitless staves of air, water, fire, earth, lava and steam

Augmented second age weapons

Augmented abyssal bane, 2h, longswords, and shields

Augmented revenant bane 2h, longswords, and shields

Augmented dragon bane 2h, longswords, and shields

Augmented blightbound crossbows

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Breaking the Storm: Late Phase

You’ve all been making excellent progress up at the digsite, and we’re nearly ready to set sail! Before we do, though, there’s just a little bit more work to do.

Phase 3 of Breaking the Storm kicked off on Saturday, June 29th. In this phase, you’ll use Invention or Magic to empower the ship’s wards or tinker with the engine. You’ll find a pair of new workbenches at the shipyard to help you out.

On July 4th, the final phase of Breaking the Storm will begin. You’ll be finishing up some odd jobs around the ship, including sewing the sails (Crafting) and channelling energy into the prow (Divination).

Patch Notes

As usual, we’ve been hard at work fixing all the tiny things that don’t quite deserve their own section in the newspost. This week, that includes:

The removal of pet clones from Player Owned Housing.

Memory of Nomad cape rewards can be earned on no-loot runs.

Changed dragonbone platebody from tank to power armour, to match the set of this armour set.

To see the full list of changes of runescape this week, check out the unabridged patch notes on the official website. As a professional and trustworthy game currency online seller, always provide the best rs gold for sale with cheap price and services to help you.

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