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The Third ExileCon Qualifying Events of Path of Exile

  • 2019-07-17 17:35:24
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On July 27th at 1pm (PDT), poe team will be supporting Zizaran in hosting the third of the ExileCon qualifying events. Learn more details on the follow article by the most professional poe trade currency site - raiditem.

Players will compete in a Hardcore Solo-Self Found environment to be the first to kill Atziri, Queen of the Vaal in The Apex of Sacrifice. If you want to buy poe exalted orb to help you level up, raiditem is the most professional site for your choice.

The winner will receive a VIP ExileCon prize package and entry into our ExileCon race finale! Zizaran's sponsor, Method, will be providing an additional ExileCon prize package to the second place winner!

The event begins at Jul 27, 2019 1:00 PM (This is displayed in your local time) and will open for 12 hours although it's likely that the top ten places will be filled within a few hours.

The event is open to all who would like to participate and takes place in a separate event league so that there are no limits to the number of participants who may join. You'll be able to join the event under the character selection screen when it becomes available.


1st Place

VIP ExileCon Ticket (Access to the convention and VIP dinner).

Flights to New Zealand.

Accommodation for the convention weekend.

Entrance into the ExileCon race event finale.

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2nd Place - Provided by Method

Regular ExileCon convention ticket.

Flights to New Zealand.

Accommodation for the convention weekend.

3rd - 10th Place

Method will also be providing prizes to the rest of the top ten players who kill Atziri first. These are yet to be announced. Keep an eye out for Zizaran's announcement!

In addition, path of exile have just added the Smoking Hood which replaces your headgear with a grey cloth hood that emanates smoke. The Smoking Hood works great with many armour sets, from the Pitch Black Armour Set to the Elder Armour Set.

A stylish Exile in the article wears the Smoking Hood with the Cult of Apocalypse Armour Set, the Raven Demon Wings, the Sin Character Effect and the Darkprism Weapon. they also added the Fiery Eyes for an awesome evil look!

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