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Burning Crusade Classic Attunements Part One - Karazhan Attunement and Part Two - Shattered Halls K

  • 2021-05-29 15:41:59
  • Karazhan Attunement(TBC Classic)

Burning Crusade Classic Attunements Part One -  The Master's Key, Karazhan Attunement
Karazhan is one of the first raids fresh Level 70's will be doing, it's a 10-Man Raid and one of the most iconic raids in The Burning Crusade. Before you can get anywhere in the attunement process, you'll need to be able to enter Karazhan and that is the first step in this long attunement journey.
1. Level 70
Reaching level 70 is obviously the first step in this long process. As every raid requires level 70 to enter, some of the attunement process will require a flying mount, which also requires level 70 and a significant gold investment. Thankfully, reaching level 70 will grant the player access to two raids right away, Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon's Lair.
2. Archmage Alturus Quests
Find Archmage Alturus in Deadwind Pass near Karazhan entrance
Accept  Arcane Disturbances and  Restless Activity and complete the tasks nearby
Turn the two quests in and accept  Contact from Dalaran
Find Archmage Cedric in Alterac Mountains, accept the next quest  Khadgar
Find Khadgar in Shattrath, accept the next quest  Entry Into Karazhan
3.  First Key Fragment
Before you can venture into the Shadow Labyrinth dungeon, you'll need the  Shadow Labyrinth Key. Thankfully, this isn't difficult at all, you'll just need to find a group for Sethekk Halls and kill the final boss, Talon King Ikiss. Once defeated, loot the chest that spawns and pick up the Shadow Labyrinth Key!
After obtaining  Shadow Labyrinth Key, get a group together for Shadow Labyrinth and clear the entire dungeon.
After defeating Murmur, open the Arcane Container behind Murmur. Doing so will spawn First Fragment Guardian, which needs to be killed. Loot  First Key Fragment.
Return to Khadgar in Shattrath, accept the next quest  The Second and Third Fragments
Attunements: With  Shadow Labyrinth Key, unlocks Shadow Labyrinth
4. Attunement to The Arcatraz
You will need a flying mount and accept the first quest in the chain,  Consortium Crystal Collection from Nether-Stalker Khay'ji in Area 52, Netherstorm.
Loot a  Arklon Crystal Artifact from the demons near Arklon Ruins and return to Nether-Stalker Khay'ji. Pick up the next quest,  A Heap of Ethereals
Loot  Zaxxis Insignia from the Zaxxis Raiders to the south of Area 52.
The next quest requires a group to slay  Warp-Raider Nesaad, which roams in the same area.
After Warp-Raider Nesaad is slain, you'll need to head to Gahruj in the Eco-Dome Midrealm for the quest  Request for Assistance.
The next quest,  Rightful Repossession, requires you to pick up  Box of Surveying Equipment from inside the Eco-Dome.
Once that is complete, you'll head to the Stormspire and seek an audience with Image of Nexus-Prince Haramad.
 Triangulation Point One requires you to use  Triangulation Device near Manaforge Ultris to the east of the Stormspire.
 Triangulation Point Two requires the same thing near Manaforge Ara to the west.
 Full Triangle requires you to head north to the Ruins of Farahlon, where you'll need to kill Culuthas and loot  Ata'mal Crystal.
Once that is completed, you'll head back to Shattrath and talk to A'dal, picking up the last quest in the chain,  How to Break Into the Arcatraz.
Get a group together for The Mechanar and defeat the final boss, Pathaleon the Calculator. Loot the  Bottom Shard of the Arcatraz Key from the boss.
Get a group together for The Botanica and defeat the final boss, Warp Splinter. Loot the  Top Shard of the Arcatraz Key from the boss.
With boss fragments looted from the Tempest Keep dungeon bosses, return to A'dal and pick up your  Key to the Arcatraz!
Attunements: With  Key to the Arcatraz, unlocks The Arcatraz
5.  The Second and Third Fragments
Get a group together for The Steamvault and clear up to the first boss, Hydromancer Thespia.
Underneath the water near the boss's platform, open the Arcane Container, which will spawn Second Fragment Guardian. Once killed, loot  Second Key Fragment.
After obtaining  Key to the Arcatraz, get a group together for The Arcatraz and clear up to the first boss, Zereketh the Unbound.
Near the boss is a room filled with Voidwalkers, open the Arcane Container, which will spawn Third Fragment Guardian. Once killed, loot  Third Key Fragment.
With both key fragments, return to Khadgar and pick up the next quest,  The Master's Touch, obtaining  Restored Apprentice's Key.
6. Attunement to The Black Morass
Find Steward of Time in the Caverns of Time, in Tanaris. Accept the first quest in the chain,  To The Master's Lair.
Head over to Andormu and follow the Custodian of Time around until  The Caverns of Time quest is completed.
Go back to Andormu and pick up the next quest,  Old Hillsbrad, which will allow you to enter the first Caverns of Time dungeon, Old Hillsbrad Foothills.
Get a group together for Old Hillsbrad Foothills dungeon. Once inside, head over to Erozion and pick up  Taretha's Diversion, which also gives you  Pack of Incendiary Bombs.
Speak to the dragon nearby to fly toward the keep and clear the dungeon. Burn all five buildings with  Pack of Incendiary Bombs
Once you find Thrall, make sure everyone in the group has turned the quest in before anyone accepts the next quest. Once everyone is ready, accept  Escape from Durnholde
Rescue Thrall from the keep and once the final boss is defeated, head back to Erozion and pick up  Return to Andormu.
Turning in  Return to Andormu will open up the quest  The Black Morass, allowing you to enter The Black Morass.
Attunements: Accepting  Old Hillsbrad, unlocks Old Hillsbrad Foothills
Attunements: Accepting  The Black Morass, unlocks The Black Morass
7.  The Opening of the Dark Portal
With The Master's Touch and  The Black Morass in the quest log, get a group together for The Black Morass.
Inside The Black Morass dungeon, speak with Sa'at, turn in  The Black Morass and accept the next quest,  The Opening of the Dark Portal.
Defend Medivh and witness the Opening of the Dark Portal.
Once the dungeon is finished, turn in  Hero of the Brood to Sa'at and  The Master's Touch to Medivh. Pick up the follow up,  Return to Khadgar.
Return to Khadgar in Shattrath and turn in the quest, obtaining  The Master's Key! Congratulations!
Archmage Khadgar will also offer a follow up quest,  The Violet Eye which you'll turn in at Karazhan when you get there.
Attunements: With  The Master's Key, unlocks Karazhan
Burning Crusade Classic Attunements Part Two -  Shattered Halls Key and Heroic Dungeon Keys
For the other raid attunements, players will be required to clear nearly every dungeon at least once on Heroic mode, meaning players will need to unlock all the keys through reputation grinds. The fastest way to earn reputation is to clear dungeons on normal mode!
1. Smith Gorlunk in Shadowmoon Valley
Kill Smith Gorlunk and loot  Primed Key Mold off his corpse, accepting the first Quest in the chain, either  Entry Into the Citadel or  Entry Into the Citadel, depending on your faction. Turn that quest in either Honor Hold or Thrallmar. Pick up the follow ups,  Grand Master Dumphry, and then  Grand Master Dumphry or  Grand Master Rohok, and then  Rohok's Request.
2. Turn in Materials
You'll need 4  Fel Iron Bar, 2  Arcane Dust, and 4  Mote of Fire to turn in to either Dumphry or Rohok. Once that is completed, pick up the last quest in the chain,  Hotter than Hell which requires you to form a group and kill a Fel Reaver roaming around Hellfire Peninsula!
3. Kill a Fel Reaver
Kill a Fel Reaver and use the corpse to turn  Unfired Key Mold into  Charred Key Mold. Return the Charred Key Mold to either Dumphry or Rohok and obtain Shattered Halls Key!
Attunements: With  Shattered Halls Key, unlocks The Shattered Halls
4. Heroic Dungeon Keys

To unlock Heroic Dungeon mode, you'll need the Heroic key for each dungeon hub, Hellfire Citadel, Coilfang Reservoir, Auchindoun, Tempest Keep, and Caverns of Time. The Heroic Attunement process comes down to the specific reputation associated with each dungeon hub. Once a player reaches Revered with these reputations, they can simple purchase the necessary Heroic Key from the Reputation Quartermaster.

Attunements: With each of these keys, unlocks all Heroic Dungeons

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